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Project Description

What is NAMAKU?

Here at NAMAKU we are dedicating ourselves to the betterment of our future generations using the most basic skills, storytelling. We want to deliver something unique for every child that tells a different story based on their personalities. What better way to do this than using their names. We thrive in providing quality content for ourselves as well as our clients all over the world. Opening the wonder of a new adventure is a journey that everyone should experience.

Namaku Boy Cover

Boy Character

Customers can choose the Boy character for male children. NAMAKU will process the input and crafted the story according to the name.

Namaku Girl Cover

Girl Character

Customers can choose the Girl character for female children. NAMAKU will process the input and crafted the story according to the name.

Namaku Eagle Story

Meet the World

Adventure to the world of wonder and meet with fantastic creatures from all around the world. We put together the journey according to what we know about these guests in your journey and present a way to build relationship between us by solving problems and helping each other out.

The value of our lives is not determined by what we do for ourselves. The value of our lives is determined by what we do for others.

Built for kids in mind, we developed NAMAKU.ID according to how the book present itself so there’s no surprise when the book arrived to your doorstep. Anyone can preview how the book will looked like using the web and can easily order through our ecommerce system. For every order our system will build the book unique to the name it’s designed for. It’s a great example of how technology can help us build a more personal touch.

It feels good to help people.

So, get out there and feel good.

Let’s Help Each Other Out!