Branding Program for Professional Business

Organizations with the happiest customers put their employees first. The emotions people experience on the job have a huge impact on the customer’s experience. This is why internal alignment is key to deliver a sound positioning. And nothing speaks trust like the happiness of employees who stands for something.

At Cerberus we believe that the quality of the people is everything. Using our business branding process we layout the ground work to position your business in a creative way.


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Who is it for?

Professional Businesses that want to promote growth and exposure.

Small Firms


Established Businesses


Large Enterprises



Why it Works

A business is successful when their clients associate themselves emotionally with the company’s values. There are both science and psychology behind how branding affects businesses and it connects people emotionally.

Brand is the foundation for everything in your business. From the style of images to pricing, to marketing, and even the clients who value your work.

It Starts with Why

We believe the foundation in making a great business is to stand for a purpose. The process of finding your core values and communicating it throughout the company will make a greater impact than what most people think.


At the heart of Cerberus is a capable team to provide technological and creative advantage to implement the right marketing activities for your business. Our personal touch and perseverance combined with more than 5 years experiences in the industry will guarantee a quality result to bring peace of mind for professional businesses.

How it Works

Our Branding Program can be broken into 3 phases:

Develop Brand Story
Making an emotional connection to deliver the promise
Integrate Brand Personality
The visual and audio representative of your identity, including the style and traits of your business
Setup Brand Tech
Ready your business with technological toolset to support your process

Great Experience

We are ready to take great challenges with the help of Design and UI/UX experts in our team. We have helped big businesses to renew their brand image by delivering excellent results based on our suggestions.

Brand Elements

We won’t know what you need until we talk further, however, these are the standard underlying elements of our Branding Program:

Brand Story
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Purpose
  • Positioning
Brand Personality
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Stationaries
  • Corporate Colors
  • Tone & Voice
  • Style Guidelines
Brand Tech
  • Video
  • Brochures
  • Infosheets
  • Email Template
  • Print Ads

Case Study

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